Monday, May 23, 2011

RebelBucks is Not Legitimate

I believe that there is strong evidence against RebelBucks at the TechGeeks threads. This is the breakdown

  1. Techie was a member in good standing at PrizeRebel.
  2. RebelBucks is created.
  3. To gain more new members, RebelBucks makes up testimonials.
  4. Techie proves that testimonials are fake by doing a reverse image search using TinyEye. Image of woman at laptop is taken from another site and RebelBucks is using it for a testimonial.
  5. Techie notifies RebelBucks of fake testimonials and is banned.
  6. Techie posts at PrizeRebel forums to spread the word about fake testimonials at RebelBucks and is banned from PrizeRebel (Techie had 8 points in his account).
  7. Danny edits Techie's forum post at PR forums:
Danny edits Techie's forum post at PrizeRebel forums.

It's true that Techie had an unofficial PrizeRebel forum - Danny edited the post to attack Techie (aka Gamer) with irrelevant information relating to Techie's forum (which, as you can see by the signature, was taken down at the time of posting).

There are facts laid out and they point to a clear conclusion. RebelBucks is indeed using fake testimonials (still) and the censorship is incredible. This doesn't mean that they are scammers, but it does mean that they are actively looking for reasons to ban members (as can be seen above). It also shows me that the administrators of both TechGeeks and RebelBucks are not reasonable; the reasonable action would have been to remove the fake testimonials and apologize.

I can't understand why the staff would have to create fake testimonials for RebelBucks. They were a well-respected network and they could have gained the trust of new and existing users without testimonials at all. Personally I believe that without testimonials they would have been better respected than with obviously faked testimonials.